Welcome Onboard!

Welcome Onboard!

When I told that I was planning to leave for Greenland for a total of 60 days some people looking asked quite astonished to me "Why?"

here is the answer, today our nature is in danger, really in danger and climate change is dangerously threatening the most cold regions of the planet. When you see the Arctic on TV, its frozen seas and vast expanses of ice and snow look like they belong on another planet. But the damage climate change is causing to the region and on its biodiversity could have catastrophic consequences much closer to our home.

As a Landscape Photographer and nature-lover I cannot stay in my Southern European comfort zone and watch our world disappear little by little. This is why I have decided to travel to the most western land of Europe, to Tasiilaq in the south-east of Greenland.

On the 10th of July 2017, I’ll leave for this solo expedition. I'm taking a risk to step out of everyday life, while I follow this dream and accomplish something both scary and exciting. What's the purpose? Well, I want to spread awareness, a message of hope, and ultimately to sensitise people to take positive actions for themselves and for our planet - and to understand that they might be one and the same.

The Expedition

My expedition will take place in two different times, the first one this summer and will last 1 month, were I'll encounter my guide Robert Peroni and the Inuit people for the first time. I'll be able to travel with hunters and explore Greenland inside land.

I'll then come back during winter for another month, where I'll be immerse in the polar nights, while daylight is absent and the snow covers everything.

The expedition's aim is to photograph landscapes, people, while living with locals, and getting to know them through both formal interviews and everyday life.

The Impact

You can join me in this mission by investing funds into the project! 

You'll be able to follow my adventures on my social networks, watching my videos and reading my daily blog. But not only, you can bring home a piece of this Greenland adventure with the printed book that will collect my best photographs and stories. Moreover, If you desire you can also join me in the two events that will be organised between the expeditions and at the end of it; where pictures will be exposed and stories will be told.

How everything is funded? Easy, I have a live campagne on Indiegogo and a lot of friends that are helping me! Where the raised money goes? Easy:

  • 10% of everything goes to WWF who will be present to the adventure
  • the rest 90% will be entirely used to finance the expedition itself, print the books, the photos and for the Expositions.

Contact Me
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me via my email: contact@lucia.photo or leave a comment here on Indiegogo campaign page.

Other Ways You Can Help

Money is not the only way you can help!

If you like the project you can e-mail people you think would find this expedition interesting!
Share this campaign on social media using the Indiegogo share buttons!

I will be grateful if you join me on this journey and connect with you through my Facebook page and my Instagram

Thank you so MUCH!